Exciting news at CNHC!

Over the last few months we have been very busy at Caulfield Natural Health Clinic, with renovations taking place. We are thrilled with the result! Our clinic looks brand new, and the spaces look bigger, brighter and fresher! We also have a brand new clinical exercise studio. We have attached some photos for you. If..

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Time to Get Moving! Tips from Caulfield Natural Health Clinic Team: Physio, Chiro and Osteo

How much do you move each day? Each week? Here at Caulfield Natural Health Clinic, we often talk to people about improving their health, reducing their injuries, or returning to sport and work. What we have found is that people who make the best long term recovery and maintain the best physical health, are those people..

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Physiotherapy and Mastitis

Mastitis is a condition that usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers. It is defined as inflammation of the breast, and characterized by symptoms that include redness, breast pain, swelling and flu like symptoms. Mastitis can occur with or without infection. It is impossible to determine from the signs and symptoms alone whether an infection is present...

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Physiotherapy and your lungs

On March 21st, 2017, posted in: Physiotherapy by 0 Comment

Coming into the cooler months, we are all more prone to coughs, colds and chest infections. Physiotherapy can be useful to help people with chronic lung conditions, where they experience shortness of breath and or excessive phlegm production. Some examples include asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis. How your lungs work: The body absorbs oxygen..

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Hamstrung: The Hamstring Injury Journey

Last weekend, two of our practitioners, Daniella (Osteopath) and Shanee (physiotherapist), were lucky enough to attend this conference, discussing all the latest research into hamstring injury, reducing risk of injury, and management. It was a really interesting day, and so we thought we would share some of the key points with you all. Hamstring is..

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World physiotherapy day 2016 – ‘add life to years’

Septemeber the 8th marks World Physiotherapy day, a global event recognising the incredible role physiotherapists play in the community and the relationships that patients have with their physiotherapist. The theme for this year’s World Physiotherapy Day is ‘add life to years’, building on the findings of WHO’s World Report on Ageing and Health and a..

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MOvember for men’s health

This Movember, the Australian Physiotherapy Association is encouraging everyone to get moving for better health, and have set a 30 day challenge of being active in some form every day. 1 in 4 adults in the developed world don’t exercise enough. Moving more in our everyday life is crucial for preventing disease and reducing the risk..

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Stay motivated to exercise this winter… some tips from the physiotherapist

Seeing as the cold weather has arrived, it’s tempting to let ourselves go and hibernate on the couch:). Don’t let all your good work go to waste, here are some simple tips to help keep your exercise routines on track over the coming winter months! Join a health club Take the stairs Find an indoor..

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Ankle Sprains

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A sprained ankle occurs when there is damage and tearing to the soft tissue and ligaments of the ankle. The lateral ligament, which sits on the outside aspect of the ankle and acts to prevent the foot and ankle from turning inward excessively, is the most commonly affected. Ankle sprains can range in severity, from..

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